Nakia J Green

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant

Sarah Herrlinger 

Apple's Director of Accessibility Policy and Initiatives

Becky Kekula


Lawrence Carter-Long

Disability Rights Education &

Defense Fund

Candace Coleman

Access Living

Adam Ballard

Access Living

Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick

Casting Society of America’s Inclusion & Diversity Team

Jay Ruderman

The Ruderman Family Foundation

Dr. Patrick Corrigan

Illinois Institute of Technology

Dr. Luca Badetti

Loyola University Chicago

Christine Bruno

Disability Inclusion Consultant

Talleri McRae

National Disability Theatre

Dr. John Kramer

Boston University

Emily Blum

ADA25 Advancing Leadership

Art Sims

Radio Personality Extraordinaire

Dr. Sarah Tuberty

Disarming Disability's very own

Dr. Michelle James

Shriners Hospital - Northern California

Salley Martens

Shriners Hospital - Northern California

Katherine McLaughlin

Elevatus Training

Dr. Amanda Tashjian

University of Arizona

Dr. Heather Dillaway

Wayne State