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Episode 14 - Sex: A Psychologist's Perspective


Episode Expert: Amanda Tashjian

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I minored in sexuality and gender students at the University of Michigan (bachelors degree) and continued to bridge into clinical and research work in sexuality and disability once I entered into my masters and doctoral work at Illinois Institute of Technology.  There, I worked clinical with people who had experienced spinal cord injuries, TBI's, and Autism Spectrum disorder in sexual identity and pleasure work.  I also help many trainings in sexuality and safety for parents and teachers of students with Autism spectrum disorder.  Now, as a faculty member, my research looks mostly on sexual behavior and competency amongst counselors who work with people with disabilities with regards to sexuality (pleasure, bodily function, access, dating, norms, safety, simply talking about sex). 


I've presented at national conferences on topics like autism and sexuality, counselor competency addressing sexuality, alternative sex practices, sexual advocacy, and counselor comfort in addressing sexuality. 


I also created and teach a course on sexuality and disability which bridges basic human sexuality information with specifics of disability.

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