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This podcast is possible through the unbelievable talent, dedication, hard work and support from these amazing individuals!! We are honored to introduce them.

Baxter Colburn: Public House Media Founder

 A native of Naples, FL, Baxter now calls Door County, WI his home. Baxter has spent the last six years working across the country in sports broadcasting but welcomes a much-needed break as he spends more time with his wife and two little boys. From his time with Sports Radio America, to 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI. Baxter is also the host of Verse of the Day on Public House Media. He is proud to partner with Disarming Disability and looks forward to continue the growth of changing the social stigma around the disability community and showcasing just how incredible they really can be to the world

Adriana Hooper: Public House Media Media Director

Adriana Hooper was born and raised in Southern California. A graduate of San Diego State with a Bachelors in Journalism/Media Studies and CSU Northridge with a Masters in Music Industry Administration. She's worked in various Social Media roles and loves to learn about the world of digital media and develop quality content for her respective brands.


Adriana is also a sports and music fanatic. Lover of a good rant and good wine (or beer.) An avid sports follower but pays particular attention to many women’s sports including the NWSL, WNBA, NCAA WBB, Hockey, and Softball. 

Vic Walter: Public House Media Podcast Editor

Vic’s professional background is in Video Production & Broadcast Engineering for 17+ years. Vic is currently work part-time running two cable channels and a tv studio for a city government and contracts with the local cable company. Vic works on a homestead teaching and learning and he likes gnomes. Fun Fact: Vic was born with extreme Bilateral Clubbed Feet, his mother was told he’d never walk. Vic took his first steps at the age of 4 with casts up to his thighs. Now he currently runs in 2K & 5K events specifically because he was told he’d never walk.

Jason Alexander Barnes: Intro Beats Producer

Jason is an amputee Drummer and Producer from Atlanta Georgia. Jason lost his right hand in an electrical accident at work in 2012. Since he has graduated from Atlanta Institute of Music and Media and collaborates with Georgia Tech developing different prototype prosthetics and artificially intelligent musical robots. He is also a current student at Icon Collective school of music production.

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Patrice Meaume: Logo Artist 

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Patrice was born different, without right hand and is thankful for his family and friends that he is someone normal who just has one hand. Patrice quickly realized throughout his life that it raised questions and provoked dialogue. Patrice shares that his career in communication has allowed him to see that often people with disabilities were represented at the extremes: situations of dependency, illness or on the contrary exceptional courses. Patrice decided to launch first illustrations representing people living normaly, defending his vision of disability: People with disabilities are different, but it's normal to be different!


Patrice started clothes dedicated to physically different people. To let us be proud to be how we are born, proud of who we are.

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The Two-Handed Technical Team

Matt Meldrem & Ryan Luwe

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