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*Limited Edition "Be Proud" Sticker*

Custom Collaboration "Be Proud" Sticker 

Stepping into your disability pride is a choice. Many of us were raised to feel shame and fear around this part of our identity. We want to encourage you to make the choice to be proud. You can easily make that choice with the help of this awesome *limited edition* sticker!

Disarming Disability is taking preliminary steps to begin a scholarship fund to support transportation, conference fees, course fees, or course materials for those pursing their disability education and leadership advocacy work. Half of proceeds from sales on this item are going to help start this scholarship fund!! 

Get your sticker today and be proud!


We are so proud to team up with Hana Chouinard on this Season 2 custom collaboration sticker! Find more at Hana's Etsy's shop on at her Instagram page!

Hana Chouinard is a 22 year old artist and aspiring occupational therapist. She is passionate about working with individuals with disabilities and has committed to begin her OTD studies at Tufts University in June 2021. Hana also identifies with the limb difference community and her experiences being born with symbrachydactyly have influenced her pursuit of occupational therapy. Her love for creativity has also influenced her career choice. In March 2020, Hana put up an Instagram post asking if friends and family would like a free painting, hoping to bring joy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Hana received an overwhelming amount of responses and support and was inspired to begin Flora Grace Art. She sells hand painted notecards and art prints but her main focus currently is creating and sharing stickers of her original, hand painted artwork via her Etsy shop. 

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