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Episode 3: What is the History of Disability?

Episode 3: What is the History of Disability & Policy?

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Adam Ballard Disability Access Living Mayors Office Disability

Episode Expert:

Adam Ballard

Adam is the Housing and Transportation Policy Analyst at Access Living in Chicago. In that role, he develops policy priorities and messaging in housing, transportation, and related planning issues. He acts as a thought leader on integrating accessibility for disabled people, and manages relationships with elected officials and public agencies that that can help advance the disability community’s advocacy agenda.


Adam also believes strongly in the power of community organizing to make change, and has served as an organizer and supervised other organizers on multiple campaigns, professionally at Access Living and as a volunteer

elsewhere. He serves on boards and advisory committees at several agencies and organizations in the Chicagoland area. Adam and his family live in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

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