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Episode 4:The Intersection of Disability & Race

Episode 4: What is the Intersection of Race & Disability?

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We believe reflection is an important part of growth.

Candance Coleman Access Living Disability

Episode Expert:

Candace Coleman

Candace is the Racial Justice Organizer at Access Living, and her group Advance Youth Leadership Power (AYLP) focuses on anti-bullying, the school to prison pipeline, restorative justice, police brutality, deinstitutionalization, and disability justice. Candace has dedicated the last 6 years of her career to teaching disabled youth of color to take pride in all aspects of their identity, so they can become leaders themselves, as she believes that young people shape the future of our world, and are open to creating a more inclusive world. Candace has spoken around the country, served as Master of Ceremonies for the Chicago Disability Pride Parade, and received the Van Hecke award for outstanding leadership and service in the disability community in Chicago.

Episode 4 Reference Links:

Disarming Disability Sarah Tuberty Nicole Kelly

Special Thanks to this week's artist:

Esther Bradshaw

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