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Episode 11 - Medical Model: Dr. Sarah Tuberty

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Episode Expert: Dr. Sarah Tuberty

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Dr. Sarah Tuberty, OTR/L has the lived experience of a congenital hand difference After earning a BS in Biology from Saint Mary’s College of California, she became an AmeriCorps volunteer, and then a flight attendant. In volunteering at the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital and her work on the Planning Team with Camp Winning Hands, in Livermore, California She discovered the profession of Occupational Therapy. She returned to scool at boston university and has  just earned her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy. This episode is on her final capstone project, the creation of an online resource for parents of children with congenital limb differences. It is a culmination of 10 years of Camp Winning Hands work and three years of graduate-level studies with a personal emphasis on congenital hand differences.

Sarah’s particular interests surround the social and emotional aspects of growing up with physical differences. Her work includes co-hosting Disarming Disability, a podcast on deconstructing the social construct on disability, author of Super-Abled Comics, featuring 6 short stories of superheroes with limb differences written by authors who have limb differences. She is a training aerialist with an emphasis on adaptive aerial arts. She had presented at multiple events on topics around inclusion, disability stigma, and lived experience with a congenital hand difference. She is undoubtedly grateful for those who mentored her, and those who have taken the time to share their journey!! She enjoys hiking around, going to night markets in far off places, reading on porches, drinking tea with friends, and caring for her tiny jungle of houseplants.

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