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Episode 11 

How to be an Advocate: Mental Illness

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We believe reflection is an important part of growth.

Patrick Corrigan

Patrick is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the Illinois Institute of
Technology. Currently, he is principal investigator of the National Consortium for Stigma and Empowerment, a collaboration of investigators and advocates from more than a dozen institutions. He also heads projects examining integrated care primary and behavioral health care in a health disparities framework. He has written more than 400 peer-reviewed articles, is editor emeritus of the American Journal of Psychiatric
Rehabilitation, and editor of a new journal published by the American Psychological Association, Stigma and Health. Corrigan has authored or edited fifteen books, most recently, The Stigma of Disease and Disability. He also is part of the team that developed the Honest, Open, Proud series of anti-stigma programs.

Find the Honest, Open, Proud information HERE!

The Stigma of Disease and Disability - The lives of people with disease and disability are affected not only by their conditions but by public response to these conditions in the form of stigma and discrimination. Making sense of this injustice is the focus of this book, with chapters on 10 specific illnesses and conditions as well as on the broader issues of courtesy stigma, overcoming stigma, and stigma across cultures. The book concludes with observations on what has not worked in overcoming stigma as well as possible future directions. Find the book HERE!

Episode Expert:

Patrick Corrigan Illinois Institue of Technology Stigma Disability
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