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Episode 9 - Medical Model: A Nurse's Care


Episode Expert: Sally Martens 


Sally's work within pediatrics spans more than 10 years. She is currently a Nurse Practitioner at Shriners Hospital for Children Northern California, where she specializes in pediatric burn injuries and trauma.  Previously she specialized in pediatric orthopedics, focused on congenital conditions, trauma, fractures, and brachial plexus birth injuries affecting the upper extremity and hand. 


During her work she recognized a need to identify and support children with low psychosocial and mental welling being and designed a practice-based intervention aimed at early detection of depression and anxiety in adolescents. 


Her passion as a nurse practitioner lies in promoting maximal psychosocial well-being for children and adolescents and has inspired her journey to pursue a PhD with the University of Arizona. Sally's research focuses on identifying psycho-social challenges, and improving mental well-being of children with visible physical differences, using patient reported outcomes and artistic expression.  Outside of her academic and career pursuits, Sally is also a military spouse, a mother of three incredible children, a vegetarian and an avid animal lover!    

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