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Expert Profile: Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick

Updated: May 21, 2020

{Image Description} Woman with long brown hair and a black and white dress smiles at the camera. It is Danielle Pretselfer Demchick.

Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick has been an active member of the New York casting community since 2004. Currently a leading member of the Casting Society of America’s Inclusion & Diversity and Training & Education committees, she prides herself on being an ally to artists and aspiring talent of all abilities. Her focus on working with Performers with Disabilities, especially young Performers with Disabilities, has been barrier breaking and continues to motivate her to manifest change in how disability is seen on screen. When not casting or volunteering, she loves listening to podcasts, like this one!

Clip from Episode 3: A Casting Director's Perspective


“We have been doing a three prong approach with different communities. First, we do a town hall where we have members of the community come, as well as managers, talent agents, and we have some press come. And then, from there, we invite all of those attendees to come to a training event where actors get to do an on-camera commercial class,  a theater and film class, musical theater class, and a business-of-the-business class. Then we do an “open Call” where everybody is taped and added to a database seen by casting directors all over the world. And we have had incredible success from our database.”

More On Danielle's work:

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