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Advocate Profile: Update on Melanie Rivera Waldman

[Image Description: Movie poster for "Being A.C.-een", Melanie at golden hour, standing at the cove in Brigantine, looking over the Atlantic City skyline.]

We first met Melanie during the airing of our first season! Here is an update on what she is up to!

*If you are interested in sharing new projects with us - let us know! We would love to help continue to share your story!*

Q: Who are you!?

A: Melanie Rivera Waldman

Q: Who is Melanie and what has changed since we last profiled you?

A: My short form documentary film "Being A.C.-een" (Atlantic City, seen) chronicles my story of how I became disabled-- as I'm an acquired amputee, meaning that I "joined the nub club" later in life, rater than being born this way. I like to call it my anti-inspirational, inspirational tale.

Q: What gets your fired up about the disability movement?

A: The support I've received from other artists has been literally life changing. I was unsure of what life would be like as an actor with a disability, still, the encouragement I've received over the years gets me emotional. Sure, it's still a highly competitive world but we all just want to see each other in the roles we've been DYING to get!

Q: What is your advocacy platform?

A: The inclusion & representation of people with disabilities in Hollywood

Q: What do you want those who do not identify with disability to know?

A: Anyone at any age can obtain a disability. 26% of the us population, every one in four people has a disability, so why aren't we actually seeing that be represented in Hollywood?

Q: When people look at you/up to you, what do you hope they see?

A: Someone who face adversity head on. Dealing with the mental health issues that are connected of becoming disabled, such as PTSD, anxiety or depression is something that not everyone can get past. So if I can help one person who is going through that to find their hope again, that's the dream!

Q: What are your next steps?

A: Accessible/adaptive yoga classes will be returning in August!

*Watch Being A.C.-een here -

How do we follow you?!

Insta: @melanieriverawaldman @whereswaldman

Twitter: @whereswaldman

Facebook: Melanie Rivera Waldman


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