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Advocate Profile - Sarah Tuberty

Each week we will feature an interview with advocates who are working in various areas to help build a more inclusive world for people with disability.

Getting to know Sarah Tuberty:

D: What is something people don’t generally know about you? S: I LOVED Korn in high school and would 100% write my name with a backwards ‘R’ 😂

D: What gets you fired up about the disability movement? S: I love hearing everyone’s story, somehow when one person shares it provides permission for others to share. Suddenly we are banning together to generate positive action!

D: What is your advocacy platform? S: Talking about the hard conversations

D: Who inspired you to look into disability advocacy? S: So many people! A lot of them being my professors and mentors at Boston University. Dr. John Kramer’s class on the social, economic, and political factors on disability, so much of his coursework resonated with me. then Karen Jacobs, she is a huge advocate with projects that had us evaluate building for ADA and write letters to legislators!

D: When people look at you what do you hope they see? S: someone who is smart, kind, obnoxiously enthusiastic, driven, adventurous, and full of life!

D: what do you want people who do not identify with a disability to know? S: Thank you for being here with us!! Thank you for banning together, for being open to our conversations, for being mindful of the words you use to describe people and for making room for us a the table. Can’t wait to be your ally!

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