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Advocate Profile - Nicole Kelly

Each week we will feature an interview with advocates who are working in various areas to help build a more inclusive world for people with disability. Today we are sharing about more about co-host Nicole Kelly!

Getting to know Nicole:

D: What is something people don’t generally know about you? N: I’m actually quite the private and introverted person. You may not think it by googling my name BUT I am extremely careful with what “parts of myself” I share online. And on a normal night you can find me curled up with a good murder mystery show or book. :D

D: What gets you fired up about the disability movement? N: Helping others to feel empowered. Taking up space is such a beautiful and powerful action! I love watching people find their voice in this way!

D: What is your advocacy platform? N: Rebranding “disability” to mean positive and wonderful words.

D: Who inspired you to look into disability advocacy? N: Such a hard question as I’m so lucky to have found so many amazing mentors. I must say, however, it all traces back to Betty Siegel from the Kennedy Center’s VSA program! Her continued love and interest in my life has been invaluable to my growth! ❤️

D: When people look at you what do you hope they see? N: I hope they see someone who is driven, someone who has made beautiful things with a lot of hard work, and I hope they think I’m someone who writes lots of “thank you cards” 😆😍

D: What do you want people who do not identify with a disability to know? N: I understand your thought process intimately. The year I was Miss Iowa, I was a headline across the world of “Disabled Girl Goes To Miss America”....This sent me into a spiral of depression and anxiety that hurt me physically and emotionally for a LONG TIME. That ONE WORD had so much power and I HATED it. I can’t wait for you to journey with us on this podcast, as I hope you find your pride! I promise there is so much peace and comfort on this end of the “feels.”

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