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Advocate Profile: Karen Goeller

[Selfie of Karen and her greyhound]

What is your favorite memory/ moment that brought you lots of joy? Family vacations, competing in ballroom, working for Bela Karolyi, owning my gymnastics club-every day.

What is something people generally don’t know about you? I am in pain nearly all the time, but I push myself to stay as strong as possible and live a normal life.

Who is Karen? A motivated, hard-working person who is trying to live a normal life.

What barriers or challenges do you face in this movement? I do not "look" disabled. I actually look very healthy and fit. People have no clue how much pain I am in or how difficult things really are. They only see me when I am out and about, not in the early morning or at night when I did too much that day. There are many people who are truly disabled without wheelchairs.

What do you want those who do not identify with disability to know? Everyone has struggles that they do not speak about or that they hide. Be kind because you never know the whole story.

What are your next steps? I'd love to have my short film produced, but I need a producer. I need someone who has what it takes to get the job done.

How do we follow you?! Website: Karen

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Instagram: Karen Goeller

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