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Advocate Profile: Brian Marquez

Brian Marquez is playing a video game with both his hand and his arm on the remote control. Brian is wearing a fantastic Yoshi Hawaiian style button-down shirt.
Brian Marquez playing a video game

D: What is your favorite way to pass time? B: Digital drawing

D: What is something people generally don’t know about you? B: I love to sing!

D: Who is Brian Marquez? B: I’m Brian and I make video games for a living. My passion is to make things that make people smile and I’d love to make sure they’re accessible by all.

D: What is your advocacy platform? B: I want to make sure games are playable for everyone.

D: What barriers or challenges do you face in this movement? B: I still get people that assume I can’t make games because I can’t play them (neither of which are true)

D: What do you want those who do not identify with disability to know? B: I’m not a fan of the word disability. It usually has a negative connotation. I want people to know that we’re not “unable”. We’re DIFFERENTLY abled. There’s nothing we can’t do.

D: What areas are you still growing/hope to grow? Personally? Professionally? B: There’s always room to grow and improve. For me, I absolutely want to grow better as a leader. I’m very shy and it takes a while for me to open up about my passions. Now in my career I’ve got opportunities to lead teams and it’s extremely terrifying. It’s something I want to get better at.

D: Who was the person/role model who inspired you to look into disability advocacy? Why/how did they inspire you? B: Steve Spohn of AbleGamers. He’s a huge advocate for “so everyone can play” and I look up to him greatly.

D: When people look at you/up to you, what do you hope they see? B: I hope they see someone who fights for inclusivity in the games industry. I want them to know that there’s someone on the inside that fights for them to have great content playable by all.

D: What are your next steps? B: I’ve got plenty of games I'm producing at Adult Swim to come. I’m also working on a short comic book!

D: How do we follow you?! Instagram: @onearmedwonder7

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