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Advocate Profile: Aaron

Image of Aaron in the woods near the creek his dog, Dylan.

What is your favorite memory/ moment that brought you lots of joy? My horse made me happy, his name was Dusty. I fed him hay, rode him, and walked with him when I was a kid and up through high school. I grew up on a farm in Ohio.

What is something people generally don’t know about you? I used to love being by the ocean in Florida, the water was clear and beautiful.

Who is Aaron? I am happy, card game player and lego builder. I had a stroke and now I am helping others and I have 2 dogs, Wolf and Dylan.

What gets your fired up about the disability movement? I got to go back to the hospital and say "thank you so much for helping me" and I try to go every few months just to let them know, "thank you." I can always walk now, and don't need the wheelchair.

What barriers or challenges do you face in this movement? My hand, because now it moves and stuff, but it is working on it to education. I am pretty close to driving a car, and I am in the gym working to try and help me, maybe one day I can have a car.

What do you want those who do not identify with disability to know? It is awful [people who look at me], I was a manager and working towards director, I have 3 degrees and then I had a stroke. Now my body is different and people look at me "I can't." when I was in the ICU- I remembered everything, and I couldn't talk. I didn't have my arms or legs on the right side, I could have died probably, but I was determined, I was gonna determined.

What areas are you still growing/hope to grow? I am going to the gym and stuff, so I am moving my hands better.

When people look at you/up to you, what do you hope they see? Well, the times when I go to the hospital I want to share with them what I am doing, I want to help them. I was wanna say that [people see me as ] very determined in life. I am very determined and very strong but only like every once and a while there is sadness because I can't work and can't, [drive] a car either.

What are you working on? Leggos, the thing is really big. Legos, city and train. I do a lot of things, and I make food.

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